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Download the 2017-2018 energy hubs grant application here

Energy Hub Schools

The Baltimore Energy Challenge awards up to $1,000 for energy conservation projects through its Energy Challenge Grant program. Recipient schools will also get daily hands-on support from an AmeriCorps volunteer also serve as the Energy Hub for their communities. Here is a list of the seventeen schools that were awarded grants for the 2018 school year:

  • Arlington Elem/ Middle School
  • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts High School
  • Commodore John Rodgers Elementary School
  • Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School
  • Eutaw Marshburn Elementary School
  • Graceland Park O'Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School
  • Hamilton Elem/ Middle School
  • Harlem Park Elem/ Middle School
  • Henderson Hopkins Elementary School
  • Highlandtown Elementary Middle School
  • The Green School Of Baltimore
  • The Midtown Academy

One AmeriCorps volunteer will be assigned to your school for the duration of the grant from January until June. He/She will assist with the needs of the school and teach lessons on energy and energy conservation. These lessons will include fun activities that will help engage students by allowing them to become more aware about sustainable living and how everyday behaviors impact our energy use and climate change. These lessons can support Next Generation Science Standard requirements in some cases.

The AmeriCorps volunteer’s main objective will be to assist in accomplishing the goals of the grant — working on the energy focused project. However, they will be equipped to assist with all sustainability projects school wide, including implantation of a recycling model.

Each recipient school is identified as an Energy Hub School, and will receive a banner noting this for participation. The students participating in the grant will be trained as community leaders, termed Jr. Energy Captains. The AmeriCorps volunteer as well as the Jr. Energy Captains will conduct outreach activities to the surrounding neighborhoods with in your Hub — e.g. community groups, faith communities, businesses, community centers. The Baltimore Energy Challenge feels that we are most successful by educating the youth of our city about energy conservation while simultaneously educating residents, communities of faith, and businesses in the areas surrounding a school.

If interested in becoming an Energy Hub School in 2018, contact Jelene Feyijinmi at for an application.

Check out our maps showing our activity over the past several years:

2017 Energy Challenge Grant Schools and Hubs

2016 Energy Challenge Grant Schools and Hubs

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2010-2013 Focus Areas including Energy Challenge Grant Schools and Hubs

Green, Healthy, Smart Challenge Schools

Is your school is a recipient of a Green Healthy Smart Challenge grant? Click here for a list of energy activities we can offer to your Green Team. Each GHSC school is required to include an energy activity. Contact Jelene Feyijinmi at or 443-869-2614 to schedule your activity.