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The Baltimore Energy Challenge hires AmeriCorps volunteers year-round at different times of the year. If interested in serving as an AmeriCorps with the Baltimore Energy Challenge, please complete a Civic Works corpsmember application and email it to Our Energy Efficiency Program Energy Educators install energy efficient equipment in Baltimore City homes while educating the resident on how to conserve energy through their actions and habits. Our Community Engagement Energy Educators work in Baltimore City neighborhoods and schools doing grassroots outreach activities in order to reach as many city residents about how to use less energy use through their actions and habits. 

Civic Works is hiring a Director for the Baltimore Energy Challenge. Resumes and cover letters are due by 3/20/15. Click here for job description..

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AmeriCorps Energy Educator for Baltimore Energy Challenge

Civic Works and the Baltimore Energy Challenge are hiring Energy Educators for our install, education, and outreach programs. An Energy Educator’s primary responsibility is to educate City residents on ways to conserve energy through their everyday actions. They will also install energy efficient products in the homes and businesses of Baltimore City while serving alongside BEC staff.

This is a public service position dedicated to meeting a critical need to educate Baltimore City residents, businesses and students about how to save energy in their homes, businesses and schools. The Energy Educator will serve as an AmeriCorps member, and is expected to finish the entire service term of 450, 900, or 1700 hours. The member will receive a living stipend biweekly, and a Segal education award after the service term is complete. Teams serve Monday-Friday with some additional evening and Saturday projects.

Dependent on which program your skill-set best suits, responsibilities may include:

  • Assess and improve the comfort and safety of City spaces while reducing energy usage.
  • Assist BEC staff to complete installation of energy efficiency equipment, including but not limited to energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, carbon monoxide detector, hot water heater wrap and pipe wraps, power-strips, and timer devices.
  • Conduct assessments of participants’ roofs and apply cool roof coatings.
  • Educate residents about low and no-cost energy saving measures and behavioral changes to achieve additional energy savings at home, school, work, etc.
  • Recruit, train, and lead Energy Captain volunteers to help spread our message and resources among the community.• Conduct high quality lessons and activities focused on energy conservation in a classroom setting.
  • Provide information for additional energy efficiency services and other related citywide resources.
  • Creating and maintaining spreadsheets to track and analyze program effectiveness.
  • Assist in the development of energy efficiency lesson plans relevant to the BEC mission and school outreach goals.
  • Conduct direct outreach to recruit program partners and participants and educate the community.
  • Plan and conduct community information sessions and/or act as a liaison between BEC and partner programs.
  • Assist with social media marketing and newsletter creation.
  • Complete office and warehouse duties such as conducting inventory, preparing energy starter and home install kits on a regular basis, managing recycling, ensuring consistent stock of outreach documents distributed in homes and to the community.
  • Other duties as assigned.

We are looking for candidates with some or all of the following:

  • Committed to the mission of the Baltimore Energy Challenge and serving those living in Baltimore City.
  • Physical ability to stoop, crawl, stand, bend, climb (including work on ladders of varying heights) and lift up to 50 pounds to perform work necessary for proper installation of energy saving equipment.
  • Ability to serve in varying conditions with exposure to any or all of the following: heat, cold, heights, dust, dirt, indoors, and outdoors and in all weather conditions.
  • Willingness to serve in all areas of the city to serve the needs of city residents.
  • Strong communication and writing skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Regular, reliable attendance.
  • Enthusiastic about interacting with Baltimore city residents.
  • Ability to serve with others using a team model and general teamwork principles.
  • Knowledge of energy conservation practices.
  • Experience serving in low income communities.

In order to be considered for the position:

  • An interest in protecting our environment through energy use reduction.
  • Minimum – high school diploma or GED or agree to begin classes to obtain a GED.
  • Age 17 or older.
  • Ability to commit to the full service term (450 hours within 3 months, 900 hours within 6 months, 1700 hours within 11 months)
  • Ability to serve closely with a partner.
  • Ability to serve 40 hours a week minimum.
  • Willing to learn quickly and do hands-on tasks.
  • Driver’s license with 1 year driving experience preferred (not required)
  • Must pass initial drug test, submit to criminal background check, and understand and comply with the Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy, Safety Plan and Personnel Policies.

Prohibited Activities*

Political Advocacy: AmeriCorps members cannot engage in political advocacy. They cannot advocate for legislation or for a political candidate in any way. They cannot conduct voter registration drives or lobby government officials at any level.

Religious Instruction: AmeriCorps members cannot engage in religious instruction. They cannot conduct religious studies, prayer groups, pastoral counseling, or any other activity promoting or providing information about religion. This does not prohibit AmeriCorps members from participating in non-religious activities at religious meetings or services.

Abortion referrals: AmeriCorps members cannot provide abortion services or referrals for receipt of such services.

Clerical Service: AmeriCorps members may engage in clerical activities, such as photocopying, stuffing envelopes or answering phones for their own project. They cannot engage in these activities in assisting another person.

Fund Raising: AmeriCorps members cannot seek in-kind donations and assist with fundraising events, mailings, or other activities, write grants (or portions of grants) or participate in capital fund raising activities or campaigns.

*The list above is a summary for detailed prohibited activities go to the following link:

To apply:

  1. Visit to login or create a myAmeriCorps account and search listings for Baltimore Energy Challenge.
    • Existing users:
    • login
    • Go to search listings
    • Under program name write Baltimore Energy Challenge
    • Select position and click apply
    • New users:
    • select “apply” under login box
    • Follow steps to create a myAmeriCorps account and application
    • Go to search listings
    • Under program name type Baltimore Energy Challenge and click apply.
  2. Forward your Civic Works AmeriCorps Application (found at, RESUME and COVER LETTER, which explains why you are interested in the position by replying to this posting to Hire date is August 31, 2016.

Additional information:

Living Allowance: $680 bi-weekly living allowance
Education Award: $1527.78 (450 hour) upon successful completion of service term $2887.50 (900 hour) upon successful completion of service term, $5775.00 (1700 hour) upon successful completion of service term.

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Location: Baltimore City

The Baltimore Energy Challenge (BEC) teaches low to no cost ways to save energy to Baltimore City residents, businesses and nonprofits through a grassroots effort in neighborhoods and schools. We ask everyone to sign a pledge committing to reduce their energy use through behavior change and for that, we thank them with a kit of energy saving products (LED light bulb, draft stoppers, toilet tank bank, LED nightlight and informational materials). The resources we provide along with consistent energy saving behavior on behalf of the participants have helped communities reduce their energy usage from 4-13%, and Baltimore City achieve its goal of 15% reduction in energy use by 2015. Beginning late 2013, BEC introduced its Energy Efficiency Program to include installation of energy conservation equipment in the homes of Baltimore residents (i.e., programmable thermostats, energy-efficient light bulbs, water-saving fixtures, pipe wraps, etc.). The Baltimore Energy Challenge is a program of the Baltimore City Office of Sustainability in partnership with Civic Works, Inc. and the Baltimore Community Foundation. BEC’s current goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Baltimore City 15% by 2020.

Civic Works makes a positive impact on the community, each and every day, through job training and volunteerism. We are a non-profit working in Baltimore communities for over 20 years, and we are deeply committed to service. Our programs create sustainable opportunities and deliver tangible results through a combination of job training, skills development and community service