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Robbyn Lewis

“The Energy Challenge is just about the best city program for neighborhoods… If you do it, you’ll find you strengthen your relationship, you strengthen your quality of life.”

Penny Troutner

“Anyone in business wants to lower all their costs… so this was a great opportunity….As a mother I think doing the best for the environment is one of the most important things you can do.”

Keisha Allen

"I managed to save about 40 to 50 dollars on that first bill and that first bill came in the dead of winter…. I achieved that goal by making simple behavior changes on how I saved energy"


Top Actions to Save Money

Charlie F. Lightbulb narrates how you can do simple things around the house to save energy and money!

25 Ways to Save Energy

Allegra and Tom walk you around the house with ideas on how to save energy.

Power Strips

Did you know the average household spends an average of $200 a year on energy for appliances that are turned off? Check out this video to learn how to cut off standby power by simply using power strips.

Fixing a drafty window

Whether your windows are old or new they maybe drafty. Learn three simple ways to fix a drafty window: caulking cracks, weather stripping and installing window plastic. The plastic creates a buffer zone to insulate your window and lower your heating bill. See how to properly put up the plastic so it becomes almost invisible!

Using Your Energy Savers Kit

Your free Energy Savers Kit will only help you save if you use it! Watch here to get started. 

Also, you may have heard that CFL bulbs have mercury in them.  While this is true, they only contain a very small amount that won’t do any harm if dealt with correctly. This video will show you how to properly clean up if one breaks and where to throw them away once they burn out. Remember, they use 75 to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs!