Take the Pledge!
Taking on the Baltimore Energy Challenge

I hereby pledge on behalf of my family to cut back on energy consumption in order to support the betterment of the earth's environment.

What Is the Energy Challenge?

The Baltimore Energy Challenge instructs Baltimore City citizens, companies, and organizations on low to no cost strategies to save energy. By taking the pledge, the non-profit organization will give a kit that provides ways to save energy.

Turn Off Lights

298 lbs of CO2 Savings
$14 Savings

Install Low Flow Showerheads

381 lbs CO2 Savings
$35 Savings

Seal Attic Bypasses

498 lbs CO2 Savings
$46 Savings

Take the Bus Once a Week

811 lbs CO2 Savings
$154 Savings

How Can I Save Energy?

Reducing energy usage lowers the quantity of electricity required by power plants, which in turn lowers the daily amount of fossil fuels burnt. Even a minor adjustment might have a big impact.

Fossil fuel extraction becomes less necessary since there is less need for energy. It's crucial from an economic perspective to protect our limited resources. Fossil fuels will become more costly as they grow more and more difficult to get.

Where Does My Energy Come From?

When discussing energy there are two sources: renewable and non-renewable. The natural resource that has no negative effects on the environment is a renewable source. Natural resources for renewable energy are abundant and sustainable. These energy sources are environmentally friendly and can be renewed organically.

Non-renewable energy sources are harmful to the environment and have a finite supply. Non-renewable resources can be taken from the planet but eventually run out.

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